Tuesday, September 22, 2009

sprinkler park with the yosts...7.27

the 27th was a crazy day!!! the yosts started out going to graceland, then headed to our house for the tie dyeing debacle...
then we all went to corky's for one more dinner together, and THEN the big kids all went to the sprinkler park (baby jake was more than ready to get home and in bed! he likes his sleep!)
the yosts were hoping to completely wear out their girls before the trip home so they would sleep!
they completely wore us ALL out!!! the kids had a blast at the sprinkler park running off all their energy!
after everyone got dried off, the yosts loaded up their car and headed back home...
leaving the yosts every summer is always hard, but at least we know that we have the next year to look forward to!!!
(rachel did an amazing job capturing some of sarah and drew's finest moments...fighting over the water spout!!!)

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