Thursday, October 15, 2009

sarah opens her birthday presents...9.28

we decided to NOT have sarah and griff open their presents at their party. too much confusion and craziness!
mean parents that we are, we did NOT open presents when we got home and settled after 8pm on her party night! (in all seriousness, sarah did not notice...i promise!)
and then we didn't get to open them on sunday either!!! we went to church, headed to mimi's for lunch, and then the kids stayed with her per their weekly tradition!
~~major sidenote~~
(each week, mimi and poppy keep the kids sunday afternoon, mimi takes them to children's choir on sunday nights [which somehow ends up with an after church trip to mcdonald's for happy meals], and then the kids spend the night at mimi and poppy's house. on monday mornings, mimi gets them ready and takes them to gymnastics. again, i KNOW i am spoiled...and the kids LOVE their time with mimi and poppy and NO mommy and daddy!)
so FINALLY on monday night, we opened up all of sarah's presents! mimi and poppy came over to watch and enjoy some cupcakes with us!
sweet sarah let drew help her open the presents and let baby jacob play in all the paper and ribbons!
all in all, sarah's birthday celebration ended up being almost a week long! what a way to ring in 5!!!

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