Sunday, November 8, 2009

halloween week at gymnastics...10.26

sarah AND drew take gymnastics at SEGA gym this fall. they were in the same class on monday mornings...we hit up gymnastics and headed straight over for sarah's dance class afterwards. it was a busy monday morning, but then we had no other activities for either kid the rest of the week (excluding church stuff!)...but, then miss sarah graduated to the "hot shots" class from the "gym-mini crickets" so we had to switch to monday nights so that both kids could take at the same actually hasn't been too bad. we have dance in the morning, come home for lunch and naps, and then head out the door again...little jake is just along for the ride as always!!!
halloween week is a big deal at SEGA...the kids were supposed to dress up in their costumes for warm up and then they got to go through the haunted house! THEN, the kiddos took off their costumes for their regular gym class. sarah and drew were in heaven! and of course we put baby jake in his new costume from aunt annie so he could be a part too!!!
it was a fun night and a great way to kick off halloween week!!!

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