Tuesday, November 3, 2009

sarah's preschool harvest party...10.22

aren't you glad you don't teach this class?!? 31 students 3 days/week!!!
sarah's class had their harvest party in the middle of the memphis monsoon season (aka all of september and october), so the party was held inside...but we still had lots of fun!!!
the kids got to play lots of games and burn off lots of energy!
it was all hilarious to watch! and overwhelming!
the only downside of the whole event was MY fault...just before going to sarah's party, i had my ultrasound to check out everything on the baby and find out if it was a boy or a girl...sarah had been so so excited for me to be able to tell her at her party...
ever since we finally remembered to tell sarah that she was going to be a big sister again, she has NEVER mentioned wanting one gender or the other. her usual response to that question was that she wanted 1 more brother and then 3 sisters! SO, i was dumbfounded when i told her it was a boy and she burst into tears! it was terrible! poor little thing. sarah is an extremely happy go lucky child. she is excited if you tell her anything! if i say it in the right tone, she would get pumped up about going grocery shopping! it broke my heart for her!!!
thankfully, the drama was short lived...and she was able to enjoy the rest of the party.
i really enjoyed getting to watch all the little 5 year olds interact...such little people trying so hard to figure out how to be big!

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