Friday, December 11, 2009

drew and ava's day of fun...11.27

the day after thanksgiving, i worked (yeah, i doesn't happen very often!) and tim stayed home with the kids. well, he didn't have sarah because she was off on a fantastic trip with her mimi and g.g. but more to come on that, he just had the boys.

he decided drew needed a buddy to keep him out of trouble all day so he invited ava to come over and play. apparently, they had a blast together. notice their dress up clothes...drew is wearing a way too small frog costume (jake wore it for halloween this year!) with a pilot helmet, and a tool bag around his neck!!! ava is a little more straightforward in her princess wear!, sometime mid afternoon i get a text from tim that the kids are asleep. i assumed ava had gone home, but NO tim got drew and ava to nap in the twin beds in sarah's room! what a miracle! had mary or i ever attempted such a feat it would have been disastrous! so, we have decided tim might make a really good stay at home dad...well, except for the fact that after i worked 4 days in a row, he was exhausted and ready to return to his day job :)

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