Thursday, January 14, 2010

christmas morning at our house...12.25

on christmas morning, we were a little discombobulated...
santa had left daddy the big mirror for sarah's room aka dance studio which santa needed daddy to install first thing christmas morning!
sarah LOVES to dance and talk to herself in mirrors. she spends 90% of her free play time changing outfits and modelling them for her imaginary friends in our bedroom full length santa decided she needed her own HUGE mirror for HER room...
as you can see, the mirror was a huge hit!
then, the big kids had to "hide" while santas' other presents were displayed in the living room. see, santa knows that the woodard kids like to get up as quiet as mice and sneak downstairs in the morning without their parents waking, he told us that he was going to put all the presents in mommy and daddy's care to pass out later in the morning!!!
they were so giddy and happy to pose for pictures!!!
for the past 3 years, sarah has asked santa for hair clips and makeup...she hasn't realized to ask for the "big ticket" items yet :)
poor baby can just see in his eyes that he doesn't feel well :(
sarah modelling her new rainboots!
after we opened ALL the presents and played a few of our new board games, we headed over to nana and pop pop's house for more fun!!!

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