Thursday, February 25, 2010 moon premiere...11.19.09

a long. long. long. long. time ago...i went with a few of my crazy friends to see the premiere of new moon at the midnight viewing...yes. we are crazy. my sweet friend mary is a tidge obsessed with all things twilight and hosted an amazing party complete with mushroom ravioli, blood type drinks, and more...(only a true twilight lover will understand...)

we hung out at her house all evening, playing the twilight trivia game and watching the first movie, then we headed out to our midnight movie with all of the screaming teenage girls in the memphis area. it was a hoot. seriously. the theater was filled with teenie boppers and then silly women my age :)

p.s. for some reason, we ALL let amy do our make-up during our party. and we were in bad lighting. and we all ended up with scary white eyes...she swears that it looked good in real life, but just didn't photograph well :) regardless, NONE of us normally look as "dolled up" as we did that night!!!

i think i finally got into bed about 4am! but, the memories were worth it!!!

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Julie said...

hahahahaha!!! a girlfriend and I just went to see it, we're cheap and wait til it gets to the brew n view - a movie theater turned pizza joint where they show $3 flicks - oooh that scene with jacob taking his shirt off was too hilarious with all the women in the audience doing cat calls!