Friday, February 19, 2010


we had a very unexpected snow day...with all the hype we have had this winter that resulted in NO snow, this day arrived with little to no fanfare!
i think the official readings were 5-6 inches of was definitely up to the top of the kids' boots!
we put baby brother down for a nap and headed outside for some fun!!!

tim and the kids put a lot of effort into constructing two gigantic snowmen!!!
oh my would have thought a car full of disney characters were coming the way sarah and drew started running after the little's van!!!

sweet friends! maddox, sarah, and hudson...

(by this time, drew had had enough...sarah had been outside for around 3 hours!)

everyone eating snow cream...not all its cracked up to be :)
snow apparently makes everyone ravenously hungry! we had snacks all day long! it was really fun to have the littles and yorks join us for the snow day!


Julie said...

fun! the kids look like they're having a blast! You guys actually own a snow shovel?!?

kelly w said...

ummmm...tim owns lots of tools that i've never seen used :) i actually think he accidently bought a snow shovel when he was trying to get a shovel to scoop poop! ha! we did have a great time that day...we had skipped the previous snow days this year...too much fuss over too little snow!