Wednesday, May 31, 2006

another set of firsts!

we've had another big couple of day's at the woodard house! sarah has been in the big pool the past 5 days and is really enjoying it! she loves to play on the steps BY HERSELF--she is miss independent walking around on them. we have been trying to get her to blow bubbles in the water to get her used to her face being in the water. but, she just puts her face in the water and takes a big sip! she then says, "yummy" every time! its too funny. when she's in the mood, she'll kick her feet when we hold her on her tummy in the water. today, i got her a life vest so she would be a little safer around the pool. she really has no fear--which of course causes great fear in her mommy! so, we are really excited about how well sarah is doing "swimming" this summer!

sunday night, drew was sitting in daddy's lap having a big conversation about boy stuff, and he laughed for the first time! it was priceless. and tim kept making the same noise over and over so drew laughed over and over! tim and i were laughing so hard we were crying. this past week he also started reaching for the toys hanging down from his activity mat and grasping a rattle placed in his hand. he was so excited about moving his arm and his rattle moving too!

and our little peanut rolled over for the first time today! he was playing on his tummy, holding his head up really high so he could watch what sarah was doing in front of him, and he sort of accidently rolled onto his back! i was actually trying to get a picture of the kids facing one another laying on their tummies, so i almost missed the big event! of course we wanted him to show daddy the big accomplishment, so we "made" drew roll over several more times tonight to prove his new skills! daddy was very proud!

all in all, things stay pretty exciting around here! ok, ok, i know that these kind of things aren't earth shattering in the grand scheme of things, but to two parents who couldn't be prouder, they are the greatest accomplishments in the world!

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