Saturday, May 27, 2006

sarah's first crush!

it appears my daughter has developed her first crush :) she loves to talk about mr. josh. she says, "josh" a million times a day. josh is maribeth's husband/carter's and miller's dad. when we got to carter's house the other day, i asked her where we were, and she replied, "josh's". and all day long she says, "josh at work"--a phrase previously reserved for her daddy alone. apparently, her first time to say "josh" was last week when mr. josh was helping daddy take off the pool cover. she said, "hey josh" several times while they were all outside. of course, the mommies were inside tending to the little boys and missed the new trick! sarah likes to "list" her friends, family, animals, etc. so, she'll be sitting in her carseat and say, "mimi, poppy, nana, pop pop, mommy, daddy, drew..." now she'll say, "josh, beth (apparently maribeth), car car, mil mil". i guess she's learning about relationships and who goes together. but, i just thought it was too cute that she has fixated on saying "josh". so, although i know little sarah is too young to truly have a crush...we have joked about it with josh and maribeth because we think its so funny! just a cute story for the day!!!

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