Friday, May 26, 2006

what a week!

oh my goodness! where to begin! my husband tim has been out of town on business all week. that alone causes our household to turn into a zoo! on top of that, drew decided that he needed to wake up 2 times every night to "check things out as the man of the house". we went over to play with maribeth, carter, and miller wednesday morning, and sarah and carter were terrors again. (hello? are we ever going to learn?) the last hour we were there, sarah wanted me to hold her the whole time. no big deal, except that i also had a 3 month old to tend to! we hurriedly headed home earlier than normal to end the madness. sarah continued to be a little cranky the rest of wednesday, but isn't that typical of 20 month old girls sometimes?

so i was really surprised when i got sarah out of her crib on thursday morning, and she and her crib were covered in chunky throw-up! yucky! poor thing had gotten sick in the middle of the night without me even knowing it! wow! i'm really going to win the mother of the year award this year! so, i threw her in the bathtub and all her blankets, bears, etc. in the washing machine. i call my husband to tell him what all is going on at our house and he responds, "this is the worst day of my life!"

now, i am the drama queen of the family. tim has NEVER said anything that dramatic in the 15 years i have known him. he then tells me that his father was admitted to the hospital wed night and is having surgery thurs morning for a small bowel obstruction and hernia repair. very unexpected. tim had hoped to come home from his business trip thursday afternoon anyway, as he had made really good progress at the site. but, now with his father having surgery, he was definitely going to get home thurs to be with him. so, tim leaves buffalo, ny at 1:00pm central time to arrive in memphis at 6:00pm central time. he planned to go straight to the hospital from the airport.

around 4:00pm, i started feeling really bad. my stomach was hurting, but i didn't think much of it. i have eaten at really weird times this week, and i've felt my blood sugar plummet a few times. so, tim starts calling at 5:00pm saying that his flight is delayed due to weather. he is on the runway in the plane, but they aren't letting any southbound planes take off. i put sarah down for the night at 7:00pm, and i am really starting to feel horrible. thankfully, drew went down for a nap about 8:00pm. then the bug really hit me. i was on the toilet or puking for almost 4 hours straight. miracle of all miracles, drew slept the whole time. tim FINALLY made it home at midnight. he had been sitting on the runway or at the gate, still on the plane, for over 4 hours! before it finally took off for the 2 hour flight. how miserable! when he got home, my stomach was finally settling down some. i went straight to bed, and he took care of drew until 5:00am. then, we all slept for a few hours til sarah woke up.

needless to say, we have had a very eventful 48 hours. tim's dad is doing well. the surgery was a success, and he's recovering nicely. tim and sarah are there visiting now. drew is sleeping, and i am laying on the couch recovering myself. thankfully, tim is off today through tuesday. maybe we can all get back on a normal schedule now!

every time tim goes out of town, i am reminded of what a FANTASTIC father he is! he is so good to the kids, and especially me. if he didn't help out so much, his travels wouldn't be such a big deal. but, he is THE BEST!!! we were all very happy to see him arrive home safely!

sorry for the long, very detailed post. its so therapeutic to get trials out in writing!!!

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