Tuesday, May 23, 2006

where has the time gone?

its been 10 years already! i can't believe i graduated from high school that long ago. don't you remember thinking 10 years seemed ages away when you donned your cap and gown? the anniversary has been on my mind a lot lately as tim and i are getting ready to attend the germantown high and houston high reunions this summer. both schools are revving up their publicity about the events and attempting to contact "long lost" grads. its been neat to read what old friends and acquaintances have been doing over the past 10 years. i know tim and i have changed so much! its hard to believe that the "stud" that i started dating the summer before our senior year of high school is now a daddy of 2! wow! i think its safe to say that all my friends knew that i'd be doing exactly what i'm doing--staying at home with kids! that's been a no-brainer since i was in elementary school!

i still feel a lot of school pride for good ole ghs. i could hit a golf ball from my front yard to the football field! one of my favorite things about fall is the weather getting cool enough to sit outside and hear the band practicing after school!

recently one of my favorite teachers from high school, ms. hardin, passed away suddenly. i was able to attend her funeral service. it was amazing to see how many students' lives she had touched through teaching latin and sponsoring the junior classical league. i was one of those students who thrived in her strict environment. she expected a lot out of her students and she made us meet her expectations. somehow, she convinced a bunch of high schoolers that latin was a vital subject. latin is one of only 2 classes that i feel like prepared me for college!!! i think about ms. hardin's influence on my life every time i see a latin expression or use latin root words to figure out a medical term at work. i didn't realize how much she meant to me until long after i had left her classroom.

well, those are my musings on high school and our reunions. as usual, i tend to ramble and get off track. sorry for the serious stuff.

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