Saturday, May 20, 2006

a few firsts!

yesterday was a big day around our house! drew found his tongue! we got some adorable pictures of him trying to stick it out and bite it! he is such a big boy! and this week, big sister sarah learned to do puzzles by herself! and she learned that a rooster says, "cock a doodle doo"! well, its more like, "cock do doooooooooooooo"! but, its still precious! she already knows what a cow, horse, duck, dog, cat, pig, lion, elephant, bird, and train say! she can identify those animals in pictures, too! she's also getting really consistent in saying, "please" and "thank you". of course the thing that she says most is, "nope"! how long does that stage last?!? she'll tell me when she's pooping, but then answers, "nope" when i ask her if she just pooped! also, we have one step up to our entryway. she has to go up and down that landing to get into her room. she is consistently stepping down without holding on to anything. and every once in a while, she'll step up independently! we are really having to watch what we say around her, too! last monday, maribeth said that carter had a "stinky bootie" and sarah repeated that for at least 5 minutes! she's such a ham! we are thoroughly entertained by her on a daily basis! and little brother is "talking" up a storm! he will coo and babble for 10 minutes straight right after eating. he still talks the most to mommy, but he's starting to talk to big sis and daddy, too! its amazing to see how much he smiles and reacts to sarah already! i can't wait until he gets a little older to continue to see how their friendship develops! i think that they are going to truly enjoy being so close in age! well, that's enough bragging on my little ones for now! just trying to get these special developments in writing!

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