Friday, May 19, 2006

a little background info

i am a 28 year old wife and mother. i live in germantown, tennessee (right outside memphis) with my wonderful husband, tim, my delightful 20 month old, sarah, and my handsome 3 month old, drew. we have 2 dogs, maggie and molly. needless to say, i feel like we are running a zoo sometimes! every day i think, "where is the time going?" i've heard all my life that time passes by faster as you age! man--no kidding! i worked as an occupational therapist full time before having kids, and continue to fill in as needed now! i attended saint louis university in st. louis, missouri. my family attends germantown baptist church. we currently stay busy just being a family. like i said before, my plan is to record all the fun things that happen in our family before i forget them! i already feel like i've forgotten so much! so, stick around for the ride :)

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