Friday, May 19, 2006

momma said there'd be days like this!

wow! just got back from a playdate with a 21 month old and 1 month old! whew! i missed the memo that said that 20/21 month olds CANNOT play well together! much hitting and fighting! one of my best friends from high school and i reconnected when we were both pregnant 2 summers ago. we ended up both having girls, 5 weeks apart. then, we both ended up pregnant again at the same time! we both had boys, 7 weeks apart. isn't that crazy?!? NONE of the pregnancies were planned, but lots of fun now!!! so, our kids are like family. we have more pictures of the girls together than we do of the girls with their own families! sarah's best friend is named carter, and drew's soon-to-be best friend is miller (guess they need to realize each other exist before we can call them friends !) so, the sweetest thing happened (despite all the hulabaloo of the playdate)...when we were leaving, carter called out to sarah, "i love you!" it was the first time she had ever said that! so, i guess they do love each other after all!!!

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