Saturday, June 24, 2006

do you hear me?

another funny sarah story...we were driving to the mall last night and sarah was talking on her daddy's cell phone. she was saying all her usual stuff...naming people, saying what drew was doing, asking where her friends were, etc. then in the middle of it all, she says, "do you hear me?" do you think maybe she has heard her mommy say that a few too many times when i'm trying to get her to do something :) it was too funny. and of course, tim and i were dying laughing so she just kept saying other stuff to try to get us to laugh more. she's a hoot!

and, she has started counting--to 7! where did that come from? if i say 1, she'll continue until 7 then clap and say, "yea!" i KNOW that they either counted to 5 or 10 at preschool, and i always continue to 10 (as do the wiggles and choo choo soul--what? you don't know who they are? you don't watch playhouse disney every morning?)

back to the mall story...we met the malahy clan there last night. we were a sight pushing matching double strollers! sarah thought it was SO FUN to ride in the stroller next to carter! she kept throwing her hands up in the air and yelling, "wheeeee!" like she was on a roller coaster! i tell you, i just laugh and laugh at that child! she also got to ride on the escalator with daddy. she's got him wrapped around her little finger! when sarah and daddy finished our gourmet dinner in the food court, they went up and down the escalator over and over and over! she was in heaven! you see, a double stroller doesn't do so well on an escalator so this was her first time standing like a big girl on it!!!

the purpose of the mall extravaganza was to get me a new outfit for my 10 year high school reunion next weekend. let me tell you, its no fun shopping when you are 4 months out from a pregnancy! but, my personal shopper, aka maribeth, found just the right "look" to minimize the baby damage!!! lots of fun jewelry to draw attention away from the mid section :) anyway...i'm really happy with the end result! i'm sure there will be pics on our website after the reunion!

that's all the news for now! welcome again to all my new readers!!!

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kate m. said...

I appreciate you playing my movie trivia quiz! I guess we have very similar tastes in movies since you did score 100%. How about if I "announce your name in lights" along with my friends. You did win, after all...

I understand about finding other people's blogs that you don't know in very roundabout ways. The church community is a lot smaller than we give it credit for!

Your daughter sounds precious, and have fun at the reunion!