Monday, June 26, 2006

he's growing like a weed!

we had drew's 4 month appointment today at the pediatrician's office. he was a little trooper. he actually laughed when dr. bob was checking for hip dislocation (usually causes discomfort/screaming in most babies)! he is 15 lbs 13 oz and 25 1/2 inches long! both are in the 75% percentile! he's a big one! he's heavier and longer than sarah was at this age! dr. bob said he looked perfect! he had to have 4 shots today...the same 4 he had at his 2 month appointment. he cried a little more this time than last. but, he was pretty easily comforted once i picked him up. he wimpered from the doctor's office to mimi's house (less than 2 minutes away)--it was so sad! but, once we got there, he perked up and "talked" to mimi and sarah for about 30 minutes before getting fussy. he had a quick snack, then slept 2 1/2 hours! he has been his regular self since then. i'm hoping he gets a good night's rest tonight! for him and me! poppy is already out of town, and daddy and mimi leave town in the morning! so its just sarah, drew, and me until thursday! and tim's parents, nana and pop pop, are moving over then next 3 days! i vaguely remember this happening a few weeks ago...everyone left town, i got sick, etc etc etc. i'm praying everything goes a little smoother this time! thankfully tim is just gone until thursday morning. well, just wanted to report that drew's appointment was normal this morning...and he's growing like a weed!!!

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hanstevens said...

So you're obviously feeding little Drew MiracleGrow, right? I saw his big strong muscles, and what a cutie!
You were made to be SuperMom, so have fun the next 3 days... and report back with more good/happy/healthy stories. St Louis love them!