Thursday, June 22, 2006

i can't get enough of these kids!

i know, i seems all i write about is my kids and their accomplishments, but GIVE ME A BREAK!!! i'm a stay-at-home mom! what else do i have to talk about :) seriously, my kids are just at two ages where they are changing a lot on a daily basis! on to the updates...

drew is now rolling from his back to his stomach! now he is "mobile"! he can roll repeatedly from back to tummy and tummy to back to get a little ways across the floor. he doesn't realize he's getting anywhere yet, since he's so young, so he doesn't do it often. but, i have a feeling that as soon as he realizes he's getting closer to sarah or our dogs by rolling, he'll be on the move all the time! we take him for his 4 month well baby visit to the pediatrician on monday! i can't wait to see how much bigger he has gotten since his 2 month appointment! he's already much longer than sarah was at this age! i'm hoping he'll take after his 6'4" daddy and not his 5'0" mommy!

sarah continues to be a verbal fountain these days! she's now saying sentences/full phrases! "mommy go night-night", "go to sleep drew", "come on drew", "go to mimi's house", "where'd carter go?", "sarah wants goldfish" are just a few examples! she talks ALL day long! i need to keep a pad of paper and pen tied around my neck to write down the funny things she says. she's had a big week playing with her 3rd cousin savannah visiting from louisiana. they played hard! she learned a little more about "swimming" from her fearless cousin who floats by herself in her life jacket!

we all enjoyed spending time with my aunt susan, jessica, melissa, and savannah! they got to memphis monday and left today! we had a busy week showing off memphis and just visiting with family! we hadn't seen them since christmas! and, its always crazy with two almost 2 year olds and a 4 month old! well, that's the latest in our neck of the woods!

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