Friday, June 23, 2006

random side note!

just wanted to let everyone know...
1. i know that i don't use any capital letters...they're annoying to type!
2. i know that i end every sentence with an exclamation point...its just how i "type talk"!
3. i know that i start almost every sentence with, "but", "so", or "and"...i'm conversational :)
4. i know that i am very wordy...its just one of my many endearing talents :)
5. i know that i type many run-on sentences and many "sentences" that are really phrases!
6. i know that i type in an extreme version of "stream of consciousness"...i love virginia woolf!
7. and i know that all of you still love me despite all of these things!!!


Anonymous said...

So, I am so totally excited to read your blogs!!! Keep them coming! Sounds like the apple (sarah) isn't falling far from the tree - she lists her people??? Precious, amazingly precious!!!
Thanks for sharing - I'll be reading all the time!
Aunt Jodie

Anonymous said...

And, I completely enjoy your analyses of Drew's developments! Sounds like he is normal as can be!!! Your life is pretty normal too, in a completely random sort of way. You're doing GREAT!!!
By the way, I am also conversational and I "type talk" with exclamations too. I DO use capital letters, though, for the most part!
Aunt Jodie

hanstevens said...

Oh So HAPPY you've added blogger to your resume!! and I love how you type just like you talk- feels like I'm finally catching up to Woodard World of the last few months! Pics & posts are awesome. In fact... and you just won blog of the month Kell! Miss you!