Sunday, December 2, 2007

FAKE...the saddest christmas tree buying day ever!!! 11.25

well, i FINALLY took the plunge and bought FAKE :( after ruining the carpet in our old house in the spot where we kept our glorious, fragrant, beautiful, real 0' christmas tree for years, i was hesitant to bring that fate to our floors in our new house. despite our best attempts at preventing it, it never failed that we would have water damage combined with a newly dyed carpet (from the water getting our packages wet and the colors from the wrapping paper bleeding onto the floor) every year. it was sad for the carpet, but a sacrifice our floor was willing to take in the great (REAL) christmas tree battle. our new floors were NOT willing to sacrifice their year-round beauty for a tree that really only stayed pretty for a few weeks in december. so, we loaded up the kids and headed to our local hobby lobby to "hunt" for our christmas tree. it was a sad day indeed. i felt like i was shunning the beautiful live trees for sale in the parking lot by the boy scouts. i felt like i was shaming my spirit of christmas. i felt like i was ruining christmas for my kids. i felt like i was maybe being a TAD dramatic about the whole situation and that the kids would probably not even notice and that we were probably saving a few fights over watering, stringing lights, etc. and that we just needed to GO FOR IT!!! we actually ended up with a pretty nice tree...that after spending two hours fluffing, actually looks FAIRLY similar to its real cousin, the live tree. and i have to admit, the lack of needles everywhere and the pre-lit options are really making it more difficult to remember why we didn't do this years ago :)


Anonymous said...

Step by step you are coming over to the other side - the side of convenience for the sake of sanity - the side where the people with small children and pets reside . . . WELCOME!!!

Anonymous said...

OK, that was from Aunt Jodie . . . you probably haven't made it to the side where you barely remember your own name . . . oh well!
Aunt Jodie

hannah said...

I Love the Drama!! I Miss you in Memphis.. and need to get my self down there to visit! Your kiddos and you are way too much fun! Glad to see you're enjoying all the holiday season! My apartment refridgerator will need a Christmas picture of the Woodards... 7512 Cromwell Apt #11, Clayton MO 63105. Hows that for begging? :)