Sunday, January 20, 2008

a few fun things we did in louisiana...12.21 and 12.22

when we got to louisiana, we didn't have any "official" christmas get togethers until the afternoon of the 22nd and all day on the 23rd, so we got to do some visiting and eating with our family and just relax.
drew hanging out with seth...seth looks like he's having a blast, huh?!?

papa vick getting some good drew-lovin'

aunt ann and uncle andy took the kids to see papa vick's horse and foal...sarah was a little timid at first, but warmed up to the "horsies" soon. drew is fearless...

we also went to my great uncle jimmy and great aunt jean's house to visit for a little while. it was fun for a few minutes until my little tornadoes noticed all the teeny tiny breakable knick knacks sitting on EVERY surface in the house. we quickly made our exit after that!!!

we had dinner at gerald's--a yummy seafood buffet. santa was there, so sarah and her cousin (my cousin michael's daughter) savannah, hopped up in his (er...i mean her) lap for a pic! notice the buffet lights in the background!!!

outside gerald's we stopped for a few more pics...drew, savannah, and sarah
drew, jim (my first cousin), savannah, and sarah
jim really seemed to enjoy playing with the kids this visit...or at least he pretended to! the kids and jim played "monsters" and hid from each other every time we were at granny's house!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks again - I do that with you a lot!!! The visits in Franklinton look like they were wonderful - thanks for posting the pictures of Uncle Jimmy and Aunt Jean. Thanks for being my little window on the world!
Aunt Jodie