Monday, January 21, 2008

our wood family christmas...12.22

edited to add: UGH! i just realized that i posted my pics that i had not edited in picasa to crop/take out red-eye. it took about 5 tries to get this post uploaded to blogger to begin with...and i lost a few pics along the way, SO i am not going to mess with it anymore! so sorry for the yucky pics! fyi...if you want a copy of any of these pics and you don't have your own editing software, please email me/comment and i'll send you the photoshopped image!!!
my uncle rick and vicki have so VERY generously opened their home to us for the past few years to have the wood family christmas there. i think for the first time in a long time, almost all of the family was together...the bill wood original 4 (plus tim, sarah, and drew), the rick wood 3 (plus vicki, haylee, steve, and heath), the susan thomas 2 (plus savannah...JESSICA and new baby in her belly had to work-sad!), and the jodie foster 4!!! i don't think that last sentence will make sense unless you are a wood! even then, good luck!!!
sarah and savannah exchanging "jewels"

drew took up residence at the bar where he could reach all the yummy snacks--"i do it!"

sweet cousin haylee let the little girls play with her makeup and paint! she is THE BEST with them! its surreal how i used to be the older cousin keeping the kiddos entertained...i am so appreciative of the help!!!

the wood siblings...L to R: bill, susan, jodie, and rick

the wood first cousins...L to R: michael, emily, andy, julie, jack, kelly, joanna
the first cousins and spouses (except jessica)...drew snuck in the pic too!

savannah, joanna, and sarah...i need to brag on joanna for a sec...she is graduating from pharmacy school in the spring! what a woman!!!
as a complete surprise to the bill wood family, the REST of the family decided to honor andy for his service to our country in afghanistan. of course, we were ALL crying, but it was a wonderful tribute and so thoughtful! we even had a playing of the air force fight song!

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