Thursday, January 10, 2008


since i can't post pictures, i'm going to resort to old-fashion storytelling...

  • the most glorious news in the world was brought to my attention by my sweet friend mary the other day...PANERA BREAD IS COMING TO MEMPHIS!!! most of you know my absolute obsession with "st louis bread company", "st. louis bread co.", or "bread co."! while i was in college in st. louis, i ate at bread co at least 2 times a week! they have THE BEST bagels, salads, and sandwiches! i even had dad look into bringing the franchise to memphis when i moved back after school! so, this was very exciting news in my world!
  • a funny sarah story: andy's last day in town, my parents, andy, my kids, and i went to red robin for lunch. near the end of the meal, sarah was misbehaving, and i swatted at her leg. of course, this sent her into hysterics. as she was sobbing into my lap, the waitress asked if we needed any to-go boxes. i told her that i needed a box. sarah looked up with the most pitiful face and said, "mommy, i don't want to get in a box!" and continued sobbing! the adults couldn't stop laughing...
  • drew is trying to potty train. almost every time he gets on the potty he does something. and he tells us before/right as he is starting to do #2 everytime!!!
  • we are getting really excited about our trip to disneyworld! any suggestions are welcome! sarah asks every morning if we are going to see ariel and get our nails painted today!!!
  • we are also gearing up for drew turning TWO!!! wow! how did that happen?!? we are having a party at pump it up, a jumping/inflatables place. it is right up my little monkey's alley!
  • drew is really getting into "having his turn". when we are in the car, the kids are constantly singing. whenever drew starts singing, "abc's" or "twinkle, twinkle" or "itsy bitsy spider", sarah starts singing along. this COMPLETELY rocks drew's world! he screams, "stop it sawah! my turn!" so, now i am the official timekeeper/referee of singing time in the back seat! guess i'll being playing this role for years and years to come, huh!?!

i guess that really wasn't all that much info, but at least there is a new blog post!


hannah said...

Bread Co to Memphis!! A DisneyWorld trip! Drew about to turn 2?! 2008 is starting out just right! I love your updates Kell ;) -If you're around MLK weekend sqeeze me into your calendar..I must see you while I'm in town!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE reading stories - the pictures are great, but the stories make me feel like I know everybody. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

See, there are several of us that like to "hear" your words sometimes too! Your stories are wonderful. I love that Drew is standing up to Sarah a little - it took Jack a while! It sounds like you guys are doing great! Thanks for the words, it does make us feel like we are there!
Aunt Jodie

Anonymous said...

You are never coming to St. L again are you! With no Bread Co to draw you we'll have to come to memphis if we're ever going to see you again! You'll love disney, I'm so glad you'll be going! So much fun going on for the woodards!! I am going to call you soon to give you our updates and give disney tips! Take care!