Monday, January 14, 2008

hodge podge...

regarding my last two picture posts...

  • mimi, poppy, and uncle andy went with sarah, drew, and me to the pink palace for the enchanted forest and (pajama) storytime with santa. this is the 2nd year the woodard's and malahy's have ventured to this event together! its lots of fun for the kids and adults. tim was out of town on business, so he missed out on the good times! this year, instead of having just donuts, they also had cookies for the kids to enjoy! but, get this, they had PEANUT BUTTER COOKIES!!! what?!? with every person in america freaking out about peanut allergies, a public facility serves peanut filled food to KIDS!?! maribeth and i thought that was bizarre. we stayed out way too late on a night after preschool!
  • sweet drew wanted me to hold his hand on the car ride home from the pink palace (about a 30 minute drive!)! i was sitting behind him, and every once in a while he would hold up his little hand and say, "hand". and 99% of the time, mimi's hand was just no good!
  • our awesome uncle andy also got the honor of attending zoo lights the next night with the kids, me, and the malahy's. fortunately, tim got home from his trip that night and met us at the zoo shortly after we arrived! again, we stayed out way too late and had lots of fun! not that these events revolve around food...BUT, this year krispy kreme was NOT a sponsor of zoo lights! last year they had the cutest snowman shaped donuts that the kids were able to ice and decorate...all of december it seems like sarah has been looking forward to those donuts! we were big time bummed that the donuts weren't there! thankfully they did let us decorate cookies like last year!
  • we REALLY loved having uncle andy around for the storytime with santa and zoo lights! i hope he enjoyed being with us as much as we enjoyed having him around! i tried to bribe him as often as possible with pumpkin spice lattes!
  • okay, so i was struggling with stories to go along with the pictures from the last two posts! but, since i got FOUR comments on my last post where i told stories...i felt like i should say something again for my FOUR fans :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the stories. You will also enjoy looking back at your stories over the next few years - maybe longer! - and re-reading them reminds you of little memories that you had forgotten. This will be a mini-diary of your babies!


Anonymous said...

This fan is thankful again for the words - keep them coming! It sounds like you all spent a lot of time making the holidays a magical time for you and your children (and the grands & uncle, too!!!)! You are just making the most wonderful memories! This diary will be a great reminder for years!
Love you, girl!
Aunt Jodie