Tuesday, January 15, 2008

please say a prayer for sarah...

i know i usually stick to pretty light-hearted pictures and stories on this blog, but i know my readers are "big girls and boys" and can handle something a little deeper too. sweet little sarah is farsighted and has an astigmatism. you have probably noticed that she wears glasses AND she has to wear a patch over her left eye each day to try to get her right eye stronger. well, yesterday (and 8 weeks ago) at her check-up, the doctor said that the patching didn't seem to be making a difference in her vision. now, WE have noticed a huge difference in the appearance of her right eye. it doesn't "look" like its crossing, or lazy, or whatever you want to call it NEARLY as much. but, her actually visual acuity is still 20/80 corrected. her left eye is 20/30 corrected. so, the doctor was concerned that she isn't improving with the patching. apparently, until you are 10 years old, your eyesight is still changing/growing/developing and can be affected by treatment to cure not just compensate. so, we are trying to fix sarah's farsightedness. the astigmatism can't be fixed and is courtesy of dear old daddy, tim :) so, originally we were patching 1 hour/day, then 2 hours/day, and now THREE HOURS/DAY!!! and right before her appt. yesterday, i noticed that for the past few days, her little skin around her eye has seem irritated by the adhesive. so, all this to say...

PLEASE PRAY FOR SARAH!!! please pray that God would heal her vision. please pray that the patch will do its job. please pray that when we go back in 8 weeks, dr. byrd will be amazed at how much progress sarah has made. please pray that sarah will be compliant with her patching. please pray that sarah does not realized its "different" to have to wear a patch/glasses. please pray that the adhesive doesn't cause a problem with sarah's skin. i am asking God for a miracle here. the kid just can't seem to catch a break medically...with her torticollis as a baby, her vision, her ongoing bowel problems, her anal fissure, etc. i just wanted her to be healthy and not have all this "extra" stuff going on. thankfully, sarah doesn't seem bothered by any of it. and i am extremely grateful for that. i just want to "fix" sarah's eye as much as possible now while her classmates/friends might say something about the patch, but aren't mean about it. i don't want her to have to go into grade school with it if possible. and i don't know what the next step holds if the patching doesn't work. i'm hoping that next time sarah has an eye exam that tim can come too and drew won't :) thanks for letting me unload all of that. if you are still reading, you deserve a prize!!! just please be in prayer for my sweet little girl. thank you.


Anonymous said...

As a child, I had a lazy eye. I wear glasses now, but it is much better. In the "older days," the patches were very bland - like generic bandaids. Now they are almost a fashion statement. I remember my brother drawing the superman symbol and teddy bears on my patches to make them look "pretty" and "fun."

This is a hard time for her, but she will eventually thank you for your determination in helping her.

I had to wear my patch ALL DAY (I remember it in 1st grade!) with my glasses and could only go without it for a little bit at bath time and right before bedtime.

Please let Sarah know that I am praying for her, and understand how she feels since I had to do the patch and glasses as well. She is not alone!


Anonymous said...

It will be my honor to pray for all of you as I pray especially for Sarah, too!
Aunt Jodie

Kevin and Mitcie said...

I will certainly pray for her.

We love ya'll.

Mitz' and Kev'