Wednesday, January 16, 2008

a few sarah-isms and drew-isms


  • "hey! stop it!" with appropriate voice inflections and everything
  • "what's gonna work? teamwork!" from wonder pets
  • "clean up, clean up" from the preschool clean up song
  • "hold on tight" from the backyardigans
  • "go ego go" from go diego go
  • drew can throw a MEAN temper tantrum! the other day he was in the middle of screaming bloody murder, and walked over to his potty chair and potty-ed and then was suddenly over the tantrum. what?!?
  • drew has diego big boy underpants that he LOVES...i mean really loves. tonight he took a shower holding his underwear. but you know how a puppy chases his tail? that's what drew looks like trying to see "ego" on his bottom :)

can you see a pattern? the kids LOVES tv more than any 1 year old should! but, he picks up on so much from it! he sings and dances along with all the theme songs and actually has learned some spanish words!!!


  • she has some SERIOUS imaginary friends. apparently, i accidentally sat on one that was using the bathroom when i needed to go this morning. huge tears ensued!
  • her imaginary friends are named (and i'll spell these like she says them...since none of them are actual words/names, i could spell them any way i like anyway, huh?): jah-da, hey-da, and occasionally various other friends with equally strange names! where do kids come up with these things!
  • besides asking me not to put her in a box recently, sarah has also said she wanted to be put in a closet, wanted to be put in timeout, and wanted to sit outside by herself when i was telling her those were her alternatives to NOT staying in her bed during nap time
  • she can count to five in spanish and german courtesy of poppy bill's "language lessons". she is working on french as well...when she was getting her teeth cleaned at the dentist and the hygienist started counting teeth, sarah started counting them in spanish! what a show off!
  • she is really into doing things "just girls" lately. she LOVES when just her and me play games, go shopping, go to choir, go to dance class, etc. she frequently says that "boys can't do__________, but us girls can"

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