Tuesday, February 19, 2008

drew's birthday party (too many pics...for my franklinton fam)...2.16

drew's 2nd birthday party was held at pump it up...an inflatable slide/bounce house place. we went ahead and had drew's party before disney so that i wasn't stressing over it while we were on vacation. plus, both of my kids' birthdays are close to the end of the month, and somehow, it just seems wierd to have a party the month after your birthday month, even if it is the next weekend after the birthday...follow all that?!? sarah, anna, and kate watching the "instructional video" about safety
tim and the kids heading back to the fun!!!
sarah and her buddy griffin
anna leigh just decided to lie down and take it all in for a while...
dustin and ava the boxer
carter models the world's stinkiest boxing head gear!!!

tim and the kids sliding together!
singing "happy birthday"
blowing out the candles

mason and his cheesy grin

the kids had SO MUCH FUN!!! drew was fearless on the slides! this place was MADE for him! all of the kids amazed us with their courage! even the little bitties went down the slide! and drew went down the slide so many times that the last time he went up with me, he said, "mommy, i tired...carry me"! everyone was exhausted after the party...kids AND adults!!!

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