Tuesday, February 19, 2008

okay...now you're all caught up!!!

so i have posted a bunch of times in the past few days to get all caught up before we head out for disney...so scroll down to see all the pics!!! i have already been chastized for not having pics from drew's 2nd birthday party up the SECOND we got home from the party...so i don't want to get in trouble again when we get back from florida :)

sarah is SO EXCITED!!! her teacher said she was "keyed up" all day! she was NOT a good rester today for sure!

and drew's teachers said he cheered and jumped up and down when they talked about mickey and disneyworld--which they thought was hilarious since he is too young to really know what is going on!!!

we are ALL super excited to get down there and experience disney through the eyes of a child again! and we are really happy that uncle andy is meeting us at the airport in orlando from arizona for the trip!!!

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