Monday, March 3, 2008

good news and bad news...

i'll start with the bad news...i have jury duty this week for the state courts. i sat in a room with 350 possible jurors from 8:30-3 today. it was SUPER BORING!!! i wasn't chosen for a case today, so tomorrow looks like more of the same :(

the good news...the juror holding room has WIRELESS INTERNET and lots of little desks with electrical outlets! so i WILL be taking my laptop with me tomorrow!!! so, i should be able to post most of our disney pics tomorrow as long as i don't get picked for a case :) also, i am getting paid a WHOPPING $11 per day for my service...that's a BIG raise from my salary as a stay-at-home mom!?! plus, once i pay for parking and lunch...i'm back in the hole again :)

p.s. i apparently have a VERY TOUGH AUDIENCE on this blog!!! i'll try to get crackin' on the disney photos...ship shape :)

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