Monday, March 3, 2008

our first night at disney...magic kingdom...2.21

after our naps, we went to the magic kingdom to play!!! first we had dinner in tomorrowland at a counter service restaurant. then, we went to the mad hatter's tea party. the kids thought it was really fun! and you should have seen mimi, daddy, mommy, sarah, and drew ALL squeezed into one teacup! yikes!!!

then we went to see minnie and mickey's country houses. wouldn't it have been nice if BOTH kids would have sat down TOGETHER on the hearth?!?

next, sarah changed BACK into her princess dress so we could go SEE THE PRINCESSES!!!
the kids with princess aurora, aka sleeping beauty...notice sarah is holding her dress like a princess!

the kids with cinderella...notice sarah is playing with her hair like ariel...
the kids with belle...
drew getting some special attention from belle. belle also gave drew a big ole lipstick leavin' kiss on his cheek!!!
we rode the train around the magic kingdom. mimi and sarah say, "CHOO CHOO! ALL ABOARD!"
the kids enjoying fruit smoothies WITHOUT LIDS!?! who ever thought lid-less cups were a good idea at a kiddie park?!?

yipee for disney world!!!
drew watching the fireworks at magic kingdom...
sarah pretending to sleep in the stroller! she was a riot! she kept asking why the kids were asleep in their strollers so she tried it out to see what all the fuss was about?!?
a little sibling lovin'
drew telling sarah, "LOOK!!!"
we got back to our room at about 11:30...crazy and completely unheard of for our family!!! the kids had a really great day with no tantrums or this mom's eyes, that makes for a perfect time :)

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Anonymous said...

Kelly, Thanks so much for sending me the link to your blog! :) Your kiddos are so adorable. Feel free to stop by our blog, too.

Love all the pictures!!