Sunday, March 2, 2008

our first morning at disney...animal kingdom...2.21

okay, so it is going to take A LONG TIME to get all the pics of disneyworld posted! apparently, i took a lot of pictures. and amazingly, many of them turned out and captured the many special moments of our trip!!!
our first morning, we headed out to the animal kingdom. here we are standing in line waiting for our bus. notice the backpack in the picture. it DID NOT make it onto the bus with us...daddy made a quick cab ride back to our villa to pick it up and re-joined the gang as we were getting into the animal kingdom!!!

when we arrived at the animal kingdom and got settled in with our stroller and such, we headed straight to the tusker house for breakfast with mickey, donald, and goofy. it was SO MUCH FUN!!! the kids enjoyed meeting the characters and dancing in a conga line around the restaurant! and the buffet was super yummy!

do ya think sarah enjoyed the conga line?!? she's got some MAJOR hip action going on :)

after our breakfast, we rode the safari around to see all the animals.

i think we were in the lion king show for this fuzzy pic!!!
we were in a huge theater waiting to watch the little nemo show and drew was being so sweet putting his arms around mimi and poppy from behind and loving on them!!!
sarah modelling her new PRINCESS minnie ears. too cute!
i think the kids enjoyed swinging on the rails waiting on our bus as much as they enjoyed the animal kingdom!!!

we headed back to our room for a nap break before the rest of the day's festivities...the animal kingdom was lots of fun. we were very lucky in hitting most of the attractions/shows one after the other. it involved lots of criss crossing the park which was hard on the adults' feet but easy on the kids :) we saw all of the animal kingdom that was age appropriate for our kids in about 5 hours.

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brkbll said...

Still loving your blog and cute family! We're traveling to Disney in September and we're going the multi-generational route as well! Since your blog is on my list of favorites, I thought it only fair to share my new one, since I've been somewhat current! Take care! Brooke