Sunday, March 2, 2008

our travel day to disneyworld...2.20

the day started out peacefully enough...the kids were in good moods on the way to the airport, we made it through security with no problems, and ate a leisurely lunch at lenny's...drew sat in the airport watching movies on the ipod. how cute is that?!?

THEN we boarded the plane...oh no! drew started screaming like he was having his fingernails pulled off! it was horrible! towards the end of him screaming and writhing around to the point where i couldn't contain/hold him, i started thinking maybe he was having an allergic reaction to something...or his first psychotic break :) seriously though, he was breathing so heavy, and his face was beet red. he FINALLY calmed down in my arms AND FELL ASLEEP! i don't think in his entire 2 years of life drew has EVER fallen asleep in my arms! i followed dr. weissbluth's book to a "t" and always put my kids to bed drowsy but awake so they could self i always had them home and in their cribs for naptime. sorry for the subject jump there. sometimes i just need to give a shout out to the man who made my kids such great sleepers!!!
regardless, drew slept in my arms for about 30 minutes...much shorter than his normal nap, but i was hoping enough to tide him over til bedtime. well, he didn't wake up too much happier than he went to sleep. but, found quick entertainment in walking in the aisles between us and mimi and poppy. guess we blew mimi and poppy's cover of acting like they didn't know that horrible screaming kid :) meanwhile, sarah was a perfect angel on the flight...she's an ole pro after all!!!
neither kid seemed too sure of the borrowed carseats that awaited us in our transportation to disney. of course, they were much better once mimi gave them each a bag of m&m's!!!

when we arrived at the wilderness lodge, the kids were thrilled to see that everything was suddenly kid sized and kid friendly!!! the kids watched disney movies while the adults checked in!!!

the kids each got a "welcome bag" that had stickers in it. drew thought stickers on his face sounded like a marvelous idea :)
drew ready to go into our villa.
the magic of disney!!!
we ate a quick dinner and got the kids to bed early! the real fun was to begin bright and early in the morning!!!
p.s. i put a bunch of links throughout this post for my friends planning disney trips with their families! be sure to click on the "white" words for links to helpful websites about disney and orlando!!!

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Anonymous said...

gotta admit, kel, the brown and pink is a little challenging, but I managed to get through it!
This entry is a wonderful beginning to the vacation - I feel like I was there! Can't wait to hear . . . the rest of the story!
Aunt Jodie