Monday, April 28, 2008

c4 spring explosion...4.20

the children's choir for ages 3 through kindergarten has been called "connect 4" all year since we are trying to teach the children about 4 things...prayer, worship, giving, and scripture. well, during a brainstorming session recently, we (ok, i had NOTHING to do with it!) realized that "connect 4" was "c4"! an explosive! what better way to describe rambunctious preschoolers than that?!? so, we had our end of the year program for all the parents/grandparents/etc. on april 20th. the 3 year old choir (my and sarah's class) performed "deep and wide" and "the B-I-B-L-E". the kids did a really great job! and it was nice for the parents to see how much the kids have learned this year! the best news though, is that we only have ONE more choir class before summer! this has been one exhausting year of sunday nights :)

p.s. i've got to get a hold of mimi's memory card...she took a bunch of pics of sarah, too!

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Anonymous said...

We've been with the 4s and 5s on Wednesdays since January - we are glad this is our last week too! Thanks for the pictures Kelly and the stories too!