Thursday, May 1, 2008

sarah's wheel day 2008...4.22

sarah and drew both had wheel day at preschool on april 22nd. let me tell was HARD to get both kids, their regular school bags, 1 tricycle, 1 ride-on toy, 1 bike helmet, and 1 box of popsicles into school that day!!! especially with all the parking lots roped off for the big event! whew! but, its so worth it--the kids had a blast!!!

sarah insisted upon taking her tricycle instead of her bicycle with training wheels. if i've learned one thing from wheel days past, its LET YOUR KID TAKE WHAT SHE WANTS TO RIDE!!! much better for her to ride her trike that pout over having her bike there instead :)

with 30 minutes of scheduled "ride time", the kids all got pretty tired. sarah decided to sit out a few laps and relax...

then, the kids discovered the bugs crawling around on the ground...that kept them entertained for a while...

finally! the ice cream man!!! now that sarah is a "big kid" in preschool world, she got to pick a treat from the ice cream truck! decisions, decisions, decisions...
ah, what a girl! she chose the fudge bar!!!
sarah and most of her classmates enjoying their cool treats!!!

that's one dirty, tired little girl!!!

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