Tuesday, July 8, 2008

goodbye old friend...6.20

sarah's FIRST ride in the minivan...home from the hospital...october 1, 2004 drew's FIRST ride in the minivan...home from the hospital...february 28, 2006

sarah and drew's LAST ride in the minivan...june 20, 2008

on friday, june 20th, we said goodbye to our first minivan. strangely (or not so strangely since i am pregnant and hormonal), it was a very sentimental event for me. i got our minivan the month that sarah was born. poor long legged tim was just too big to ride in a jetta with a carseat in the back. so, we got the van. and then sarah was born. and then we brought her home from the hospital in that van. then drew was born and we brought him home from the hospital in that van. so, i felt like 2 extremely significant life events took place in our first minivan as well as a myriad of other important and not so important events. now we have minivan #2, just in time to bring baby #3 home from the hospital...
p.s. i know this was a way sappy post...but, i really did want to document our goodbye :)

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Anonymous said...

Evidently, you got your hair cut while you had the mini van, as your hair is now short. Just wanted to add to the memory list... :-)