Wednesday, July 9, 2008

my TWO little princesses...6.23

i figured that no one but me was REALLY interested in looking at my minivan pics, so i decided to go ahead and post these hilarious pics! i vividly remember dressing andy up in my ballet and tap costumes with millions of mardi gras beads all the time as a child. my childhood friend danielle and i would use our little brothers as our dolls. and as far as i can remember, andy and justin had just as much fun as we did :) so, i feel like its just drew's plight in life with a big sister, just as it was his namesake's! drew will KILL me when he is older for documenting this...but, if uncle andy lived through it and grew up to be a fighter pilot, i guess there's hope for drew too!!! i mean, he is wielding a golf club after all :)

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