Friday, August 22, 2008

another morning at the movies...with special friends! 7.28

edited to add: i KNEW that the first time i didn't double check my links, i would mess one up! it should be fixed now! thanks for the heads up dana!!!
for almost a WHOLE WEEK my friend dianna and her little girl grace were in town! of course, they weren't here just to see us...dianna's younger brother, micah was getting married! but, that didn't stop us from hanging out when they were free! on wednesday morning, i took sarah and drew to the movies to meet dianna and grace AND our new friends miss donna and her daughter maddie! maddie is sarah's age and lives in the neighborhood right next to ours! they moved to collierville this summer and we met them at church. anyways...all three girls sat together at the movie and had so much fun! we saw charlotte's web (year #2 of seeing this at the kidsfest). drew hung out by me, but still enjoyed his sprite and popcorn :) after the movie, dianna and grace came over for lunch and to play a little longer. sarah and grace see each other maybe 2-3 times a year, but always play together like they see each other weekly! while dianna was in town, i also got to go out to dinner TWICE sans kids to visit with her and other friends of ours from the good ole days of high school! that in and of itself was a super treat! the first time we went out, tim was out of town so mimi offered to babysit so i wouldn't have to miss the girls! thanks mimi!!! its always so fun to see dianna and catch up! i'm just so glad her parents still live here for her to come visit :)

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I love reading your blog!

In this post, I couldn't get the first link to open - the one about dianna and her little girl. Help me out?