Wednesday, August 20, 2008

our summer visit to louisiana...7.21-24

all summer long, mimi and i kept saying, "we'll get to louisiana sometime...". then, all of the sudden, we realized if we didn't leave TWO days from when we were talking, then we wouldn't have any other time to go! so, we packed our bags and the kiddos and hit the road!!!
cuddle time with g.g. first thing in the morning...

we went swimming in aunt annie's was so nice! the entire shallow end was in the shade for most of our swim! we didn't get the camera out while we were all in the pool, but once we headed into the hot tub, i HAD to capture a few pics of the fun!!!

sarah smiling and hamming it up for the camera... drew is such a cold natured little thing! he needed lots of cuddling to stay warm!!!
he was briefly distracted from his "i cold"-ness by the cool water gun that jacob let him play with!
after our swim, sarah and jacob watched disney movies on jacob's bed. sarah is finally old enough to appreciate jacob's great love of dvd's!!!

uncle chip has a "media room" with a big screen, wii, etc. it has a pocket sliding door that drew was obsessed with closing...usually to keep the kids in and the adults out!!!
sarah and drew look on as mimi plays a tune...
we were so excited we were able to visit with aunt susan, michael (i think i'm the last person alive who doesn't call him just mike), jessica, savannah, and new baby samantha! sarah, drew, and savannah could have played together for days!!!

being silly on savannah's bed...

we left the kids mostly to play by themselves. all of the sudden we heard what sounded like chanting come from sav's room. all three kids were sitting on the bed and they were all reading their own book aloud! it was too cute!!! after aunt susan pestered samantha to wake her up, mimi got to give her a bottle :) drew capitalized on mimi's lack of hands to sneak a drink of diet coke!
how cool that sarah and drew's great grandmother can get down on the floor and play with them?!?
sarah and drew enjoying some time on the piano together...
my aunt ann (THE SAINT) kept the youth minister's two kids (4 and 1, i think) while the youth were gone on a summer trip. she brought "her kids" over to play with sarah and drew a few times. sarah really thought aunt ann had two new kids that she had just never met! how silly!

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