Thursday, October 9, 2008

the afterparty...9.27

after sarah's birthday party, everyone headed home in time for a late lunch and naps. but, we had the inflatable slide/bounce house and snowcone machine until later that, tim invited the yorks and higginbothams to come BACK over after naptime for an easy dinner and more playtime! after i convinced the other 2 moms that YES, i really did want them to come back over, and NO just because i am 35 weeks pregnant i am not lying...i just told them not to expect the house to look any better than it did the second everyone had left the party!!!

the kids played outside for a few more hours getting extremely dirty again...and then it was time for them to settle down a bit :) we lined all 6 of them up on the couch (with 2 plates of skittles, mind you) and they watched a movie! they were so still, it was hilarious! they had ALL had a really big day of too much sugar and too much activity! all in all, sarah's big party day was wonderful! of course, the next morning we were all a bit tired from all of the celebrating, but it was so worth it! and as i've said, with my 3rd on the way any time now, i wanted to give sarah a big blowout while i still had the ability to do so!!!

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