Sunday, October 19, 2008

make room for baby...10.16

we have been terrible at getting "prepared" for baby jacob...i mean, truly. and if you know know this is VERY unlike me. i am a planner. a list maker. basically your garden variety OCD overachiever.

jacob's nursery is still missing a few finishing touches and he is due in ELEVEN days. sarah's nursery was finished by 21 weeks gestation. completely done. drew's wasn't too long after that. i JUST remembered about 2 weeks ago that we needed newborn diapers. seriously. washing 0-3 months clothes? just in the past month. washing the outfit for jacob to wear home from the hospital? last week. packing my suitcase for the hospital? last thursday after my OB appointment. getting big sister and big brother t-shirts made? got them last tuesday. see what i mean?!? scary...

and then, just LAST week, i remembered to get the infant carseat, swing, and bouncer seat out of the attic. LAST WEEK! so, the covers were freshly laundered in the past few days, and we put the carseat in the van on wednesday night. we literally would not be allowed to leave baptist women's hospital without the carseat. so, i had been planning our van seating arrangement for a while in my head. for some reason, THAT was something i was thinking about in advance. go figure.

i decided that the FAIREST idea was to move both big kids to the back row. that way, we wouldn't have to argue EVERY TIME WE GOT IN THE VAN about who sat next to jacob and who had to sit all alone on the back row. plus, then i could take an entire captain's chair out of the van to give us a little more room. now, sarah and drew sit on the back row and baby jacob will be in the seat behind mommy. nice set-up if you ask me! i figured there's not really a "safe" place for jacob. i'm sure he'll receive a few flying missiles from the big kids no matter where he is. i am hoping as he becomes aware of his surroundings that being able to see big sis and big brother will be instant entertainment during all the hours he will spend in the van toting them around. sarah is able to get in and out of her carseat completely independently so she is in the far corner of the van where i can't easily reach. drew can do the top of his carseat only. so, i can reach him a little better to help him with the bottom part. or on the rare occasion that sarah and drew are both in the mood, sarah will strap drew into his seat as well. getting out, sarah undoes her own seatbelt, then gets drew out of his seatbelt. SO nice. anyway...

when the kids went out to the van to leave for preschool on thursday morning, they were confused and excited all at the same time about the changes in the van. and we took pictures. imagine that?

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Kristi said...

What a great idea!! Besides, with the captain chair out, you can get to the backseat so much easier!!