Saturday, October 18, 2008

new toy...10.15

ok, so we are so NOT smart...we got our new van at the very end of june. at that time, we didn't know if we wanted the kids to use the headphones or not while watching movies. i don't ever listen to the radio myself, so i don't mind listening to their movies play...and i like that with no headphones, i can still communicate with them. so, basically, we had not tried to use the headphones for a few months. well, about 2 months ago, the kids, tim, mimi, poppy, and i headed to pickwick to look at houses ALL in our van. the men were in the front, the kids in the middle, and the women in the back. so, we decided that it might be nice if the kids were entertained while the adults could discuss pickwick options. leading to the first time to try the headphones...

i remembered being told at the dealership that the headphones were cosmic. we didn't have to turn them on or off, the kids could listen to a movie through the headphones while the radio played through the stereo system, etc. again, at the time, i was vaguely listening... so, poppy and daddy were sitting up front trying to get the headphones to work so they could hand them back to the kids to use them. they couldn't ever figure them out. so, we ended up listening to shrek the whole way there and the word factory the whole way home. all 6 of us. how nice.

fast forward to bunko at our house in october. we are casually discussing our minivan since several of us drive the same one. i mention that we don't know how to use the headphones. eventually, our troubleshooting leads us to the fact that the headphones only work in the back seats!!! another safety feature!!! so, i feel completely dumb. poppy and daddy were both sitting up front when they were trying to get the headphones to work. i did feel SLIGHTLY better when my friend said the only reason she knew this was because she was in the front trying to use the hp and couldn't get them to work, so she leaned her chair all the way back to see if the screen was working and the hp suddenly started working once she passed a certain point!

okay, so this lengthy story is irrelevant to the big picture...i know that. but, i think its so funny that we had just given up on the, little drew used the headphones for the first time on this past wednesday while sarah was at school. he was so proud! of course i grabbed the camera that lives in my diaper bag to capture the silly moment!!!

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