Friday, October 10, 2008

sarah's 4th birthday...9.29

i asked sarah where she wanted to eat to celebrate her birthday a few weeks before her birthday. she told me she wanted to eat at chili's. no big surprise, the kid LOVES chili's for some reason...although she hardly eats anything while we are there. well, since her birthday was the day chili's donated all profits to st. jude, we decided we should brave the crowds at lunch time rather than dinner time. so, mimi, poppy, nana, pop pop, and daddy joined mommy, sarah, and drew for a big lunch celebration! as you can see, sarah thoroughly enjoyed herself and being the center of attention!!! also, sweet girl thought that all the balloons outside and inside the restaurant were for her birthday, not for the st. jude event. of course we didn't tell her the truth!!!

i LOVE how sarah is explaining something HIGHLY important to poppy in this pic...

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