Thursday, January 29, 2009

another funny story...

every night since sarah was a little baby, i have sung (sang?--that is one of those verb tense tricky ones!) "i love you Lord" to each of my babies>infants>toddlers. i don't really know why that particular song became the last one i sung/sang every night, but no matter what other songs i sing first, i always end with that one.

at various times over the years, sarah and drew have either listened or sung/sang along. depending on their mood, degree of sleepiness, age, etc.

well, drew is in a "singing stage" right now. and he is CRACKING me up. i leave his room laughing every night.

you know at the end of the song when it goes, "take joy my King, in what you hear..."

for some reason, drew thinks the words are, "take joy movies, in what you hear..."

it is too too precious to hear. i have been trying to figure out a way to record it without getting too much of my voice and without him knowing i'm doing know, 'cause he's a stinker and totally wouldn't sing it if he knew i was really listening :)

just a sweet memory that i don't want to forget...


Anonymous said...

Too funny!

I sing that song as well each night. It is usually after "This is the Day the Lord has/hath Made" and before Amazing Grace."

I have also added a verse to the "I Love You Lord" song that goes:
I Love You Lord
and I lift my sons
to worship you,
Oh my soul, rejoice
take joy, my King,
in these precious ones
may they be a sweet sight
in your eyes.

Since you also have a daughter, you could change "sons" to "kids" and the rest of the verse would work for you as well.

Just thought I would share it with you...


kelly w said...

dana, you aren't gonna help me with the sung/sang question?!?

your verse is precious...thanks for sharing!!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Can't help you with the sung/sang question. I don't have a clue which is correct! Both sound fine to me.

Also, in my verse for the "I Love You, Lord" it should have read on the last line:

may they be a sweet, sweet sight in your eyes.