Thursday, January 22, 2009

current events...

first of all, i am COMPLETELY caught up on blogging...savor the moment because it has only happened once or twice before! and i'm sure i'll be behind again before you know it :)

i thought since i was caught up on pics, i'd take a second to write about what each kid is know, since this is basically all 3 of their baby/toddler/childhood memory books combined!!!


~she is SUCH a busy body! she has to know what everyone is doing ALL the time!

exhibit #1: saturday afternoon, she woke up from her nap before tim, kelly, drew, or jacob woke up...she answers the phone (a BIG no-no!) and tells mimi and poppy that everyone is alseep, and mommy is asleep IN THE CAR!!! so, mimi and poppy get concerned, because they think i am really in the car--you know, carbon monoxide poisoning!! sweet poppy drove over here to make sure i was okay! of course, i was asleep upstairs in sarah's room and she just didn't know where i was!!! i felt so bad for my parents...but i was SO thankful that they checked...JUST IN CASE :)

exhibit #2: sunday, jacob was asleep. sarah came to us and asked, "where's jacob?". when we said he was sleeping, she RAN into our bedroom and looked in jacob's bassinet. she RAN back to us and said, "jacob is NOT in his bed...where is he?". he was safely sleeping in his actual room, in his actual bed. granted, that doesn't happen all that often, BUT she was frantic because she didn't have the 411 on EVERYONE in our house!!!

~she just had her evaluation by her 4 year old teachers to discuss her progress in school and whether she should go to kindergarten or the 5 transitional class. she got all "+" signs! her teachers said she was ALWAYS happy, VERY social, and VERY smart!!! she WILL be going to the 5T class because of her birthday falling 2 days before the cut-off. i would rather her be one of the oldest in her grade instead of the youngest!!! her teachers agreed that it just wasn't fair to send her to kindergarten before she turned 5! of course we want to give her every advantage in life...

~as i've said before, she is NEVER quiet and NEVER still...she is always singing and dancing around! most of the time its fine, sometimes it really really really gets on my nerves!!!

~she is very sensitive to/aware of others' feelings. her little friend courtney is moving to ohio after this school year. she has repeatedly told me and her teachers that courtney is moving, and courtney will be sad, but it will be okay because courtney will make new friends at her new school!!!

~her new year's resolution (unbeknownst to her!) was to stop wearing a pull-up at bedtime. i have to say, this was really just laziness on my part! i didn't want to have to change wet sheets in the middle of the night! but, she has only had 1 accident since january 1st! i'm very proud of her!!!


~he still thinks he's just as old as sarah!!! he THINKS he is sounding out words, just like sarah! if i can't understand what he is saying, and ask him to repeat himself, he will say, "duh-duh-duh-popcorn" know, like he is saying the beginning sound of popcorn :) too cute!!!

~his new year's resolution (also unbeknownst to him!) was to start wearing big boy undies all the time except nap/bedtime. we have been toying around with potty training for a long time...again, laziness/new baby-ness kept us from going full force. so, starting january 1st, NO MORE DIAPERS/PULL-UPS!!! he has done really really well! he's only had a few #1 accidents...usually when he's at school or sunday school...too busy to potty! and the first couple of days he totally did NOT grasp the concept of doing #2 in the he's a #2 machine! i think getting FIVE WHOLE skittles when he does #2 in the potty has something to do with that :) so, we quickly went back to only having one child in diapers...hip hip hooray!!!

~he has acquired quite the collection of boy dress-up clothes, but still prefers to wear a combo of girlie dress-up clothes! he is usually sporting a princess dress, sunglasses, bunny ears, and wielding a hockey stick or leaf blower when left to his own devices...what a mess!!!

~he is getting much better at "sitting still" activities. he loves to have a book read to him, he loves to put together puzzles, and he will sit quietly and play with his trains or cars for a good chunk of time (in toddler time!). its nice that he isn't a tornado of energy at all times anymore :)

~he is slowly moving into his role as middle child...he was NOT happy for a while that jacob was stealing some of his attention. but, now he seems to be adjusting...his behavior has definitely improved since the new year. he is usually really loving with jacob. and talks in the highest voice possible to him...i guess he is trying to mimic my "baby talk" voice...

~he is really trying to grasp numbers...he can count to 10+, but doesn't understand "more" and "less". he and sarah had the longest argument the other day because sarah said they wanted "10 candies" and drew kept saying, "NO! i want 4 candies!" and he totally thought he was asking for more. drew's number requests are often accompanied by him holding up a different number of fingers than what he is saying too. so funny!!!


~he is growing up TOO TOO fast! i can't stand it! he is already learning to put himself to sleep...or he would be except i WANT to rock him because i figure he's my last little one to rock!

~he is SO SO long! he has outgrown all 0-3 month clothes and is too long for his bassinet already!
~he LOVES to stick out his tongue. and will do so if you stick out your tongue at him!!!

~he is always moving his arms and, "hey...i can control these things!" so funny to watch. but SO glad he is out of that whole stuck-in-fetal-position-thing that makes dressing and diaper changes impossible!

~he thinks he can "talk" and will carry on "conversations" with us. complete with precious facial expressions!!!

~oh, and he just realized he can "stand"! oh...that makes me so sad! he looks too grown up locking his knees and trying to be in the standing position all the time!

~just in the past couple of days, he has noticed his hands. i LOVE it when newborns find their hands. its so funny when their hand happens to pass through their vision field and they always get this expression like, "hey...what is that?!?" and the same thing happens again 2 minutes later :)

well, i ended up working on this blog for several days...too much to write in one sitting :) so, i broke my streak of blogging every day. i have taken some more pics since i started this i will get those up asap! thanks for reading!!!


Anonymous said...

You KNOW this is my favorite kind of entry! I love the pics, but your words put me there, watching them, too! You are really good with words, Kel!!! Anyway, precious, precious, this aunt and great aunt thinks the family in Collierville is pretty amazing and cute, too!!!!!
God Bless You All - we love you!!!
Aunt Jodie

Kristi said...

Awww, what a sweet post! I think Jacob has changed since the last MOPS meeting I was at!