Saturday, January 24, 2009

too funny!!!

scene: sitting at the dinner table. sarah, drew, mommy, and daddy (jacob was asleep...go figure)

we are discussing how the kids need to eat FIVE more bites of salad before they can have a chip.

out of nowhere...sarah says, "mommy, when you hear your eardrum sends a message to your brain".

HUH? she MUST be a genius :)

(actually, they studied the 5 senses at school this week!)

then, as tim and i are so flabbergasted at the turn in the conversation and laughing so hard, sarah keeps talking...

sarah says, "mommy, pop pop can't hear me when i talk to him...i think he has a broken eardrum!"

ha ha ha!!! what a little smarty pants, huh?!?

thank you preschool for teaching my little girl so much!!!

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