Wednesday, March 18, 2009

J is for Jacob...3.5

sarah studied the letter "J" at school a few weeks ago. ALL week long she kept telling me that she wanted to bring jacob for show-n-tell. she even told me that mrs. newsom would have to carry the show-n-tell box to circle time since it would be so heavy with jacob in it :) so funny!

anyway...i figured i would have to break it to her that jacob was not an appropriate show-n-tell item. i called mrs. watkins on wednesday night to ask her if it possibly, maybe, might be okay if jacob WAS sarah's show-n-tell. she immediately said YES! what a sweet teacher! so, i told sarah that she was going to be able to bring jacob! she was SO SO SO excited!!!

so, jacob and i went to sarah's class in time for show-n-tell. it was one of the sweetest things i have ever seen in my life! i put jacob in sarah's lap on the floor and stepped back to watch!!!

sarah was ECSTATIC! mrs. watkins asked sarah a bunch of questions about what jacob could do and sarah's classmates asked questions too. it was so cute! we talked about how jacob just eats, sleeps, and poops! awesome answers in the eyes of sarah's class :) we did talk about how babies learn to roll, then crawl, then walk. the kids were mesmerized!!!

mrs. newsom asked sarah what jacob ate...i was so curious to see what sarah's response would be to THAT one! thankfully she just said milk!!! whew...that could have been an interesting thing to explain to 4 and 5 year olds!!!

overall, it was a GREAT outing for jacob and me! and such a neat thing to have recorded! maybe i can pull out this blog post when they are both teenagers and remind them how much they loved each other once upon a time...

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watching with wet eyes, poppy bill