Thursday, March 19, 2009

poor pitiful drew...3.6

is this not the saddest thing you have ever seen?!? my precious little man has such sensitive skin to begin with...and then he had an allergic reaction to his amoxicillin. so sad! so, no more penicillin products for drew! oh the drama! he never seemed TOO bothered by the rash. although, he is a picker so he scratched and picked at a few places on his legs...with a little hydrocordizone and benadryl drew was almost as good as new! only not-so-fun side kids seem to get hyper, not drowsy from benadryl. fun times!!!

he was SO funny about his rash! he lifted his shirt and looked in the mirror at the doctor's office and said, "mommy...look i've got polka dots on my belly!" and then he said, "look...its snowing on my polka dots!" what a ham! and after dr. guinter examined him for a few seconds, he leaned over where he could see me and said, "look mommy, i not crying!" when i laughed, he of course repeated the performance a few more times for good measure...


Kristi said...

AWwwwww, poor Drew!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Kel, for the story behind the rash . . . he's just such an awesome little boy! I've heard of children that don't "relax" with Benadryl, that's just not lucky!!!
Your words mean so much!
Aunt Jodie