Friday, March 20, 2009

monkey see, monkey do...3.6

while drew and i went to the doctor's office with his oh-so-fun-body-covering-rash, sweet mimi came over to watch sarah and jacob for me.

i know. i am spoiled rotten.

so, mimi thought since it was such amazing weather, she would take the kids on a walk! great!

i am trying to desensitize jacob. he is a wimpy winter baby. he doesn't understand fresh air OR wind/breezes! its quite pitiful actually. he doesn't know how to be outside. sad. mimi is getting jacob ready in his stroller and sarah decides she wants to take her stroller on the walk too! she was SO excited. she picked out her baby doll (after MUCH deliberation) and got her all ready!

apparently, the walk didn't last too long...mimi said jacob cried pretty much the whole time. she said the wind kept taking his breath away and he didn't know what to do! pitiful, i tell ya...

thanks for all the effort mimi! we WILL get jacob used to being outside :)

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