Sunday, April 12, 2009

all about jacob...3.30

well, this picture taking experience was intended to capture a sweet picture of jacob playing with his newly discovered feet.

i LOVE the progression...babies start out in fetal position, all tight jointed and squished up. then, slowly they start extending their arms and legs away from their bodies. hands find their way into the mouth. feet can kick.

then, babies start staring at their hands as they watch them move in and out of their line of sight...completely amazed at them! next, babies find those precious feet in their line of sight! oh the excitement! FINALLY able to pull those feet up to grab! score!!!

and when the feet make their way INTO the mouth...pure bliss!

(am i just weird and all occupational therapist-y in this analysis and my excitement regarding it?)

back to my point...i was attempting to get a pic of jacob holding onto his feet and "talking" to them. but, as soon as i got out the camera, ALL he would do is stare at me. now, mind you, if i had WANTED him to look my way, it NEVER would have happened.

so, instead of the "foot pics" i ended up with these. still sweet moments with my little man, but not exactly what i was going for...adorable nonetheless, huh?

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Anonymous said...

Yes, totally adorable nonetheless! Thanks for sharing, always!
Aunt Jodie