Monday, April 13, 2009

playdate at the jenkins'...4.1

well, we had so much fun at our playdate after the CAbi show that we decided to make it a weekly event! we did limit the number of children to TEN this time...much more manageable :)

we met at amy's house after school on wednesday afternoon for some outdoor fun! the kids ran and ran and ran...they had such a good time! and, as you can see, sarah had a few costume changes too!

we fed everyone and FINALLY started heading home around was a LONG and FUN playdate! when we got home, we had a quick shower and headed to bed! the kids were so tired! i LOVE it when my kids are worn out from running around and just being kids! i did feel slightly guilty for sending sleep deprived kids to preschool on thursday...slightly.

and, as always, jacob was a little angel...he took 2 naps in mary mcrae's crib while we were there. he just rolled with the punches. what a sweet little man!

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deana said...

ok, this is not a comment about the bunny pic,but a comment about the fact that the 3 of your children have email addresses. i know tim is MUCH more computer literate than i caould ever be. so is it the in thing to have emails for you kids,or do ya'll just wnat them to have access to their names with i guess we will have to copy and giv eour girls emails. make sure you check them b/c i AM going to send each of them an email. love you:)